SSi People

SSi People previously had a website developed and hosted their staffing portal on an external subdomain. The goal of our project was develop a new website, update the branding, and also integrate Bullhorn directly into the website via API.
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SSi People had an existing website that overall was aesthetically pleasing, but there were some major limitations on the technical backend of the website.

Not only did the website has some core functionality issues, it also had the looming job board integration challenge. We knew we were going to migrate them to Bullhorn, and, in addition, we wanted to integrate the job board directly into the website. This would allow us to improve the SEO of the SSi website and help attract more users via organic search.

Colors & Typography

Website Design

Today, I can’t imagine not working with Grant. The design of our new website is perfect. But just importantly, now everything is connected and branded for our online presence. Whether it’s creating an all-new website, fine tuning your existing site, or helping create your online identity, I highly encourage you to give Grant your ideas and see the ideas and results he creates for you. I know you’ll be impressed.
Name: John Doe
Role: CEO
Company: Lakeside Project Solutions